How to stop your period?

stop your period

Whether you’re preparing for a vacation or have a busy work schedule, you may not want to be worried about the cramps, headaches, bloating and mood swings that come with having a period. There are a number of ways to stop your period temporarily. Each of these options should be discussed with your health professional to decide which is safest for you.

- Contraceptives

The birth control pill can help to regulate your period. However, if you’re looking to stop your period for a specific period of time, ask your doctor about extended cycle pills. It takes between three and six months for the pills to work. During the time of the month when you would normally have your period, you take a placebo pill.

Implants and shots can also work to stop your period. These work for months at a time. For instance, if you get the Depo-Provera shot, you won’t have a period for three months. Talk to your doctor about the side effects of these methods, since depression and hormonal imbalance are not uncommon.

- Progestogen

This hormone is available in pill form and helps your period to stop. You’ll need to take the pills three times a day for the duration of the time you don’t want your period. Once you stop taking the pills, your period will return in two or three days. However, some women have reported spotting and irregular bleeding as a result of taking progestogen pills. Beware! Progestogen can sometime be the cause for the alexandrias genesis sickness. This phenomena (The Alexandria’s genesis) is suppose to stop the period naturally! The best option for you. Progestogen  is also used to cure hemorrhoids.

- Norethindrone

Norethindrone is found in birth control pills, but can also be taken by itself. Norenthindrone is progresterone, a hormone that occurs naturally in a woman’s body. If you’re not currently on birth control pills, ask your doctor to give you a prescription for norenthindone. You should take the pills every day at the same time, between five and ten days before you normally get your period. The medicine will delay your period for three or four days.

- Exercise

Working out is one of the natural ways to stop the menstrual cycle. Exercising can also make your period go faster. When you lose fat due to exercise, your body is making less estrogen. Working out intensely can also make the body produce more testosterone. Both of these are reasons for a delayed period.

- Diet Adjustments

If you want to stop your period or make it shorter, avoid eating foods like ginger, fish and garlic. While these foods have anti-inflammatory properties, they make the blood thinner. This means the foods can help to bring on your menstrual cycle quicker or make your period last longer. To get rid of period pain, try pain medicines that do not contain aspirin, since the medication is a natural blood thinner.

- Herbs

There are a number of herbal supplements that can delay your period. Angelica root, also known as ginseng for women, can stop menstrual flow while maintaining the delicate balance of the female hormones.

Raspberry tea helps to make the muscles of the body tighter, which assists in the temporary elimination of menses. The tea should be consumed two or three times a day for best results.

When trying any of these methods, pay attention to your body. If you feel sick, lightheaded or see changes in your body such as redness or hives, it is best to stop these methods to talk to your doctor about additional ways to stop your menstrual cycle for a short period of time.

Men menopause


Menopause in men, known as Menop, due to a gradual decrease in testosterone levels around the ages of 50-40. With a simple blood test blood testosterone levels can diagnose menopause in men and to consider the appropriate treatment.

Testosterone is the primary male hormone produced in the testes and adrenal gland is responsible for the creation of sperm and sex drive, decreased muscle strength, mass and physical fitness. Since the decline is gradual and often not accompanied by any symptoms makes it difficult for menopause diagnosis in men among physicians. Contrast, menopause in women is due to a significant decrease in estrogen levels to complete cessation Vafrsto and loss of fertility. So it’s easier to diagnose when a woman enters menopause and set a transition period.

Menopause in men is characterized by a decrease in testosterone levels significantly less. Therefore, symptoms of menopause period in men less acute and there is no harm Bfurion (still have sperm production). Symptoms of menopause in men are similar to those of women, however, are less frequent:

1 decreased libido
2 hot flashes
3 Night Sweats
4 fatigue, exhaustion
5 Muscle and joint pain
6 nervousness
7 Changes in mood
8 Obesity

Most middle-aged men complain about decreased libido and erection problems. However, it is important to note that there are men who pass smoothly menopausal hormone levels decline because there will be no meaningful for them.
Menopause in men can also be expressed in the mental sphere and get up to depression, loss of sex and lack of enjoyment. These symptoms also can take a professional with acupuncture. Of course, there is a connection between physical and mental status, and sometimes there is a mutual influence between them. Thus, when treating the physical manifestations improved mental state as well.

Causes of menopause in men: from the age of 30, there has been a decline in testosterone levels of about 10% per decade. This decrease does not indicate any disease, but is part of the physiological expected. At that time the level of globulin or SHBG, sex hormone-binding protein and prevents it from reaching to the target sites. Active form hormones measured at the free form in the blood.
Currently proposed treatment conventional medicine, menopause symptoms in men is hormone replacement therapy (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) associated with serious side effects of their sons is cancer. Since the majority of men over age 50 will suffer varying degrees of severity, benign enlargement of the prostate, the concern is that if there is a problem in the prostate, hormone replacement treatment may contribute to increase the benign thyroid hormone Harmonit.htifol be given only after the termination of the diseases that can cause a decrease in testosterone levels such as diabetes, conditions that affect the heart and / or lungs.

Treatment of menopausal symptoms in men using Chinese medicine: The main treatment of menopausal symptoms concentrates on changing diets and acupuncture points of impact on the activity of the systems responsible for menopause symptoms, in order to allow the body to adapt naturally, controlled and moderate Lshinweim.mtrt treatment of menopausal symptoms using acupuncture to strengthen the quality of Yang in the body.

Step one acupuncture treatment of menopause symptoms based on ten acupuncture treatments once a week which aims to restore the body to the necessary balances. After this stage the patient feels significant relief from the intensity of the symptoms when it is monitoring the body’s response. At the end of the first phase of treatment considering integrating additional series of acupuncture treatments. During the period of treatment should be changed eating habits and consume appropriate diagnosis (Maintenance refrigerators / reinforce / motives etc.).

For the treatment of menopausal symptoms using acupuncture proven excellent results especially for reducing the symptoms of hot flashes, improving energy, going from depression and improve the quality of China attaches Sina.harfoah kidney yang energy source and hence most menopause symptoms are caused by “lack of kidney yang” or “lack of balance between kidney yin and yang. “Of course, there are other involved organs such as the heart and liver (organ and function in Chinese medicine).
Young body is lack menopause disrupts the balance between Yin Liang systems with excess yang energy (energy warming) causes symptoms of heat and dryness in addition to other symptoms associated with kidney wine L”hosr “highlighted as menopausal hair loss, pain in the lower back and Bbrciim.lsichum” Young “is active and warm energy Yin” is cold and soothing energy, where the aim of acupuncture is to restore the body to balance menopausal violated energy systems.

Matching acupuncture acupuncture treatment success Lmtoflsod menopause symptoms treatment is individually adjusting each patient accord its individual characteristics. Matching treatment requires the patient’s specific diagnosis done professionally and continuous monitoring throughout the treatment. It is important to understand that you can not give the same treatment to patients not in situations where symptoms are the same. Have to adjust the location of acupuncture points, the intensity and duration of treatment for all women and to ensure success in the treatment of menopausal symptoms using acupuncture Be sure to call the therapist has knowledge, experience and skills specific to this topic.

Walking for Health and marching pleasure


Walking is a very common practice in our society which is as a solid basis by which you can improve exercise capacity and quality of life. She also is a factor preventing or repulsive diseases and has positive aspects other than the physiological level, but also the psychological level, the march will alleviate stress, irritability and depression, creating a sense of confidence and a positive body image, walking in our lives is a basic action designed in the simplest and most basic, motivating a person from point each other when time and time again, there is another purpose that guides the transfer of this tangible, whether it’s walking the house for shopping, for sports, health, or any motive in everyday life, in fact, beyond the walking definition of a philosophical aspect, there is also a physiological explanation which supported by numerous studies that show unequivocally that this is done consistently and progressively increasing from time to time, can certainly contribute to our health and improve our quality of life, whether it’s tested on a physiological level, both psychological and social.

Walking aerobic exercise that unique from other companies that fit the definition of activity Hawirnit (aerobic), including running, swimming, elliptical cross trainers is easy and so unique is expressed as a considered activity safe and low risk (If we run, then by walking And btw indicator heads a technique of walking competitive one leg always stays on the ground, unlike running which by definition, must be time to fly even if the surface is not easily accessed our eyes), walking can also be effective in terms of overall view of the fact that all bodies moving body moved as a single unit (proper walking technique will be described later in this article) and not expensive (financially), that can be performed anywhere, at any time and under any condition without resorting to aids, but if want to add it to diversify or add complexity activity itself.

Walking has many benefits in improving and streamlining our life and health by many studies have proven over the years:

– Improving Awirni (aerobics).

– Reducing the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.

– Aid in regulating blood pressure (normal blood pressure is defined as 80/120 when the value of 80 represents the diastolic blood pressure, which defines a condition in which the heart muscle contraction, but not by filling stage blood, the value 120 represents the highest systolic blood pressure occurs when the heart contracts and pumps blood into the arteries the bodies).

– Improving circulation and reducing the risk of developing varicose veins

– Reduction of blood lipid concentrations and a decrease in cholesterol (total and LDL ie negative versus a rise in cholesterol, “good”, ie, HDL).

– Strengthening the structure Hatzm- bone density increase.

– Aid Supplies-exchange process and body weight reduction and toning respectively improving the body’s exterior.

– Assistance in digestion and related problems associated with constipation.

– Reducing stress, tension and anxiety as well as increase of concentration, quality sleep more during the day today and feeling better in general.

Studies have shown that walking, does not have to be particularly intense in order to bring health benefits, but for people who want to improve and promote the ability Hawirni and increase the burning of calories in their bodies, UKE will be necessary. To raise the level of aerobic fitness, you may want to reach optimal activity in accordance with the following training principles:

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Tdirot- number of times we make the activity, it is recommended to perform it three to five times a week, of course, depends on the amount of times a trainee, you are just starting in, then twice a week and gradually enough (Another principle described) Add your training, it is advisable to take rest breaks cost 24 48 hours of operations activities to reduce the risk of injuries and allow adequate recovery of muscles, bones, joints and heart-lung system.

Hnah- good feeling adds propulsion, using the paddle to promote the possibility of pleasure can result in the use of music during exercise I can recommend personally that something of value that gives the definition of training experience, not just walking through for the sake of health, but also mental quality time.

Hfailot- intensity level of exercise intensity physical effort is invested, expressed in% of the maximum pulse is measured by testing the level of the pulse, or by the amount of oxygen in the body is necessary, or both, oxygen consumption test is carried out under laboratory conditions so that this option is not lifter functionally relevant and therefore, the duty of checking the level of the trainee with the knowledge of the said pulse which is adapted to the discretion and choice in determining the target heart rate of training itself, if so, what is the target heart rate zone?

Pulse goal is spearhead guides us cardio in order to get the best way to level operations safely and effectively, the parameter reflects the number of heart beats per minute, we determine the purpose of the training, each person field goal personally, depends on the age, when determining the pulse is derived from knowledge of the pulse maximum (220), which was reduced over the years due to the reduction of the age of it every year, the level of effort for the development of effective and safe fitness is called ‘goal area’ due to a rate of 60% to 80% depending on the age of the maximum ability as indicated in the table.

What is constipation?


With regards to “going regularly”, there isn’t any normal. Bowel problems can be a disorder that impact individuals of any age. Here is the contamination, like normal water, from the colon. In the event you visit the restroom two times a week or thrice every day, the signs and symptoms involving bowel irregularity usually are widespread for everyone. If you’re not going to rest room frequently as one does frequently, or if your poop will be distressing, challenging, or dried up, you may be suffering from a number of the common dire warnings regarding irregularity. This is often a really irritating feeling. There are several approaches to treatment irregularity medically, however there are various normal techniques on how to deal with bowel problems rapidly.

Normal water is best referred to as finest fluid to assist eradicate harmful toxins as well as spend from the entire body. In addition, it makes up around 60% of your body’s weight. By lubricating the particular intestines and our meal, water can help prevent constipation by allowing the actual flow associated with foodstuff the digestive system. While sensation irregular it is recommended ingest 2 to 5 further servings of hot water, this particular willhelp in order to dampen your own a stool and enable your own digestive tract motion to be proficient. Despite the fact that consuming h2o will be the easiest method to obtain replenished with water vegetable and fruit state of mind as well as herbals would certainly even be a good source of essential fluids. Keeping away from alcohol consumption and also caffeinated beverages for example green tea, java as well as soda pop products will maintain your entire body replenished with water because these liquids are generally diuretics, which in turn gets rid of water through the entire body.

Taking in fruits and vegetables which can be full of fibers on a regular basis is the one other approach in healing constipation rapidly. Fibers will be the part of plant food that’s not waste. This stays inside your tummy that assist build-up the feces along with keep your bowels operate properly. It is good to look at any fiber dietary supplement even though your own feel you might have consumed the particular everyday fiber utilization of 244 to be able to 37 gary. A few foods high in fiber incorporate: pears, raspberries, along with apples prepared barley, cooked whole-grain pasta as well as bran cooked dark espresso beans, cooked properly peas and grilled split coffee beans grilled green peas, grilled artichokes, and also spinach morning.

Natural herb intake is a superb variety in doing away with bowel problems quick. The particular commonly used form of botanical herb is the bulk-forming stimulant laxatives. These types of incorporate fenugreek, barley as well as flaxseed. When utilizing flax seed in an effort to remedy bowel irregularity, a person that will flaxseed essential oil vary from flaxseed. The oil of the flaxseed is very little constipation remedy .

Cardiovascular activities are some of the best physical exercises pertaining to relieving irregularity. This kind of physical exercise raises blood circulation on your bodily organs, and also getting much more body for the stomach area ends in better digestive tract contractions and much more enzymes. The more powerful the contractions and the more those fruit drinks flow. Exercising aerobically may include going for walks, operating, swimming, bicycling, and many various other comparable routines. Choosing a brisk wander regarding 10- twenty minutes will be the best way to remove any kind of bowel irregularity experience.

They’re a few speedy solutions which can help to stop bowel irregularity rapidly which help your body restore their typical bowel motion.